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Istanbul Real Estate Investment Clock is between 02.00am -05.00am since January 2017. It can be said that prices enter the period of decline when the clock is between 12.00am - 03.00 am and prices enter the period of absorption when the clock is between 03.00 am – 06.00 am. In this period the prices tend to decrease.

Below, there are some indications according to Real Estate Clock:
  • It is seen that warehouse rents have been declining for a while. It is expected that warehouse market which is in the absorption period will enter the growth period and the prices will rise. During this period new warehouse investments can be made.
  • The rapid stock increase has occurred by the completion of office projects under-construction. New A class office buildings has high rent values and these increased the average rental value. However, old office stocks rent values are decreasing. On the other hand the economic instability of Turkey caused fluctuations of dollar currency and it reflected on rent values. It is seen that rent values increased a little in TL currency but it decreased in dollar currency.
  • Due to the increasing supply, it is thought that the housing market which is in the decline period will enter in the absorption period. It is thought that the luxury housing market will enter the absorption period earlier than the other housing markets because of the target group of luxury housing market and spending habits of this group.
  • Along with the completion of hotel projects, especially in İstanbul bed spaces increased rapidly. With the impact of the political tension of the country and global world, the number of tourists decreased. This situation has also affected the room prices. In spite of the room prices decline, it is said that crisis situation is continuing in term of hotel market.
  • The growing numbers of shopping centers caused decline of the number of visitors. This has created intense competition in the market. On the other hand political tensions reflected negatively on the market and the demand for the shopping centers is getting lower. This situation has also affected the rent values. It is known that the rent prices fell sharply in the last period.

According to property clock, it can be said for near future depression of shopping center and hotel markets will be continuing and the warehouse market will revive.

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