Can I visit your office?

Sure, you can and we appreciate greatly. However you must ask for an appointment otherwise we do not accept without appointment. You can find our address and phone number in the contact page

How can I be sure about the currency of the databases in DeğerliYorum?

DeğerliYorum is prepared by benefiting current databases and follow the the market developments seriously.

How can I follow the service you have received?

It is enough to be the costumer of KB consultancy and to log with your password and user name.

How is the cost of the proposal decided. Is there any standard tariff?

As our services are specific according to projects, it is impossible to set the tariff. We set the cost according to the property of the service, area and location of the property.

Is any document required from me during report process?

If the service needs to be analyzed and searched in any official establishment you must prepare a proxy. In addition we ask for title deed, building permit, architectural projects, zoning plan… etc

What are the reference firms? Which firms do you work together?

Generally we work with international firms that are aware of the advantage of working with us and domestic and the prestigious Turkish companies which are ranked in 500 in Turkey.

What is DegerliYorum?

DegerliYorum is the official website founded with the purpose of sharing the experience and the knowledge of 15 years of KB with real estate professionals and of meeting their needs.

What is the advantage of DeğerliYorum?

As you can find any information about services of Kuzeybati consultancy department, you can find current market reports, updated statistical databases, and future trends. Nonetheless the costumers can follow the process of any service they receive from Kuzeybatı.

Who are the employees of KB Consultancy Department?

In Kuzeybati, the staff which are experienced of urban and region planning, engineering and finance graduated from important universities in Turkey. They are postgraduated and continuing postgraduate education and improving theirselves with professional trainings.

Who is at the back of DegerliYorum?

The consultancy department of the pioneering real-estate company Kuzeybati is at the back of DegerliYorum.