Main Investment Markets in Western Europe Q4 2012

Little sign of severe investment contraction - February 2013

Total commercial real estate investment volume in Western Europe ended 2012 totalling € 115.3bn, on a par with 2011 figures. The final quarter amounting to € 40.2bn, showed great buoyancy and boosted the yearly results.

Besides risk aversion, demand is still high but focused on prime only.

- Investors stayed focused on the larger markets with strong economic fundamentals.

- Risk aversion remained significant for investors who stayed focused on secure assets.

- The demand for low risk assets was still strong, while the limited supply of this type of product is the main hindrance to growing investment activity.

Retail was the only sector to record a drop in volumes invested in 2012

- The increase in office investment volume (+11%) was not sufficient to offset the fall in retail investment activity.

- Totalling € 57bn in 2012, the office investment market represents almost half of the total commercial real estate investment volume.

- Investment in retail real estate showed an 18% drop to € 28.4bn, about 25% of the total commercial real estate investment volume.

- The industrial sector recorded a strong year and grew by 13% compared to 2011.

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